ScoMo the "Complete Psycho": According to claims related to former NSW Premier


Claims have emerged that Gladys Berejiklian and a Liberal  Minister slammed the Australian Prime Minister in texts

State political parties have revealed alleged details of an exchange between Former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and a NSW government minister. Berejiklian says Morrison is "a complete psycho" and "a horrible, horrible person".

Scott Morrison ScoMo Gladys Berejiklian

The alleged exchange between State Premier Gladys Berejiklian and unnamed Liberal MP was published by Peter van Onselen, a senior network 10 journalist, who described the exchange as happening recently although it may well have been years ago.

In the first season of The Sopranos, Tony Soprano had received a message sent by his close friend and associate who is now an FBI informant. In the message, he was said to describe the mob boss as “one horrible, horrible person.” On top of his suspicion of the current government, Tony believed that his closest old friend would not trust him more than others.

The minister called the TV star a complete fraud, while saying the exchange on Twitter was surprising. What does that statement tell us about the minister? The TV actor replied [Here] saying the exchange on Twitter was surprising and giving little insight into what it means.

Mr Morrison responded cautiously when asked about the question.

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said he did not endorse the comments and called such statements “pretty poor judgment”. Morrison has refused to directly comment on what, if any, sanctions the government may impose on any Liberal party members caught up in the scandal.

Ms Berejiklian stated during the press conference that she does not remember the messages.

“There has been a bit of commentary from me, and I'm not aware of sending the text. What is the source of this?” She then told the press that an unnamed "friend" had sent these messages and she had no recollection of them.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has issued a statement regarding the election, explaining that he has full confidence in his party members. Furthermore, he is looking forward to seeing who becomes the new Prime Minister of Australia.

It isn’t the first time the alleged frostiness between Ms Berejiklian and the Prime Minister has made news. Last year the Sydney Morning Herald reported that in July Ms Berejiklian phoned several political reporters and claimed that Mr Morrison behaved in an “evil” way after the Prime Minister’s allegedly office sought to discredit the NSW Premier.

"But Ms Berejiklian said, 'Don't believe what you see or hear'." She added she was in good terms with Mr Morrison.

Ms Berejiklian made remarks about running for the seat of Warringah in the Parliament back in 2013, but rejected the idea days afterwards. However, then Prime Minister Tony Abbott told media in January that a possible candidate for the seat may include the former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally.

Bob (who was appointed by a commission) resigned. After the release, Bob (who is the person being investigated) made accusations that Bob (the person who made the accusations) did this.

A recent poll indicated the Coalition could be in an unstable situation heading into the next federal election. Though the Party currently supports the government, they suffered massive losses. They are expected to release a full time candidates list next month, although they’re expecting a long wait to be announced.

The primary polling puts former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in the Prime Minister position and his government in a strong position ahead of the May election.

A new poll conducted for The Australian News revealed Mr Morrison’s approval rating has decreased to its lowest level since March 2020, once again coming under attack. It became clear during the latest by-election that Mr Morrison hadn’t handled the earlier bushfire crises particularly well, even though he was voted into office

Scott Morrison Called A 'Complete Psycho' In Berejiklian Text Exchange

Did Gladys Berejiklian really call ScoMo a complete psycho. that's what's been alleged and perhaps time till tell, or will it? Is this perhaps just another sleight of hand political trick and distraction to get people looking in the wrong direction?

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