Students frantically applying to study abroad with the WA government's decision to impose a deadline for applications.


The McGowan government said international students could start studying here, because they would automatically be granted work visas immediately after arrival, so there was no need to pay their first week's rent. However there is a catch. They have until Saturday to arrive or they miss out if they want to study in Western Australia.

On Wednesday, the education minister announced that the previous guidance given to international students in WA was no longer applicable. Now they should contact their embassy in relation to their visa applications and travel plans with international airlines.

Perth, Western Australia - Photo by Nathan Hurst on Unsplash

Prior to that, students expected to be allowed entry to Western Australia without quarantine requirements after February 5th.

However, the ban was reimposed to keep them out when the border was reopened indefinitely.

Key points:

  • WA-bound overseas students have received three different sets of advice
  • The latest round states they have until February 5 to arrive in Australia
  • The state opposition says it is creating 'chaos' in the industry

On January 25, the government made changes to directions for international students entering WA if they entered the State via another state; in other words, double vaccinations are required in order to stay in the State.

A senior minister of Auckland University, New Zealand, says students are not required to have vaccinations for influenza unless the government orders a requirement for vaccinations, and if there is no such requirement, students are not required to quarantine after any illness or sickness if they are otherwise free to return to school

"I heard about your great work with the [Education] minister," Mr Sepe said. "It had been initiated by the Education Department."

It meant Australian students and those on their way to university in WA could continue their studies here.

Deadline 'unfair': Opposition

Shadow Education Minister Peter Rundle was inundated with calls about changes to the International Baccalaureate (IBO) standards.

According to Rundle, what's emerged lately is a series of back flips upon back flips.

"Mark McGowan has decided to relax the rules to allow many thousands of undergraduate students to apply to come study in WA.

"They have offered international students different choices over a short period of time."

Mr Rundle says students and universities have only just been told they will be able to get in if they arrive by 8am on Thursday morning.

"That's only a few days' warning," he says.

Our schools are so overcrowded, all students are scrambling to meet WA requirements. However, it seems like most students will pay to attend schools in other states just so they can satisfy WA criteria.

"They can enter via another city in Australia; this adds an additional complication to their immigration plan.

There's chaos and confusion in Washington's international student sector.

"Students from Australia and overseas contribute to around $2 billion and create 12,000 permanent jobs, this work is vital to the economy."

A spokesperson for the premier said the date is consistent with the announcement on January 25th for international students returning to WA.

"Australia-bound students who meet all of the requirements and pass through customs can enter Western Australian. These include getting vaccinated etc., "I am hopeful that this will mean the end to WA-bound students having to wait another year to see their loved ones."

The WA government outlines its plan to keep students safe from CONVID

Primary students in Western Australia may have to wear masks at some point during the upcoming school year, Premier Mark McGowan has flagged. Currently, only high school students will be required to wear masks in the classroom when school goes back. Outlining the new measures, Mr McGowan said all 900 public schools across the state had been inspected to check the ventilation of every classroom.

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