Fauci secretly met with scientists on a teleconference and knew about the origins of COVID from a lab.


Still Dr. Anthony Fauci chose to push an alternative false narrative.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, reportedly believed after an undisclosed meeting that the CCP Virus might have come from a U.S. lab, but still pushed the idea that the virus had come naturally.

Redacted emails reveal that Fauci may have lied and covered up evidence linking the lab leak of the Chinese Communist Party COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 virus to a biological warfare lab in Wuhan. A lab in Wuhan released the virus which resulted in the COVID-19 plandemic that continues today.

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There are suggestions that Dr. Anthony Fauci actively influenced an influential academic paper first published on Feb. 16, 2020. That paper was later written up (without Dr. Fauci's name) in the journal Nature, and then published without mentioning Fauci's contributions to it.

The article named “The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2” was authored by five biologists, all of whom played a central role in tracking the virus from its origin to Feb. 13, 2020, in China.

After a telephone call during which several researchers claimed that they were “60 percent sure that the Corona virus (COVID-19) originates in the laboratory” and reaffirmed this idea via emails, most authors on the paper stated there could be less than 50 percent certainty that the COVID-19 virus originated in the laboratory.

Fauci and other physicians believed that the initial media reports about scientists behind the origin of the coronavirus were speculation.

This includes the Wuhan institute where researchers used the coronavirus to create a drug, in addition to the U.S.-based scientists involved with the publication of the paper that said that the virus did not likely come from nature.

Fauci knew that there had likely been leaked disease in China, but that’s just one of the reasons why he has been spreading misinformation about the disease

“Viral replication begins when nucleic acid fragments of the gene of another RNA retrovirus merge with cellular RNA from which the virus itself was made.”

“The first version of proximate origin was delivered with the SARS-CoV-2 in January 15th, just two days after the first SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence was produced, on January 11th, and it was already finished on January 20th, just two weeks after the first-world health conferences were informed of the existence of this global public health emergency. So a lot of people in the audience will think that is very fast. However, we had a two-week pause in writing that is just as important to our overall story. So this is definitely the first of a series of chronicles. We should expect more pieces to be released within the next six or eight

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Many of Dr. Fauci’s colleagues accused him of purposely lying about evidence that he and other top health officials read about the seriousness of the coronavirus back in December. He subsequently accepted their claims on the coronavirus but lied to the public about it.

When released, many of the emails made public were redacted. This had been done to prevent further embarrassment to the scientists who developed the virus in question. This first release was largely ‘gray’, without any significant revelation of the details behind the work. Now, in this second release of details, we are getting the ‘insides’ of the information provided by the emails.

Most scientists have known for two years that the CoronaVirus was going to cause a massive pandemic; this was the day the world was told. However, Dr. Anthony Fauci went out and claimed it wasn’t man-made, but a natural disease. This was to ensure the medical industry would come out successful and rich, even though most of the population gets poorer every single month.

During a February 3 meeting at the National Academy of Sciences, scientists discussed the proximal origins of coronavirus. Trump administration officials used the meeting to ask whether scientists should agree on the origin of the corona virus, given that the COVID-19 caused by the virus has killed over 100,000 around the globe.

He once again maintained that the CCP virus originates naturally, not from a laboratory.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was a bit of a celebrity in late March at various media events, including one in New York City. And he was so busy with these activities that he couldn’t tell everyone that he was being briefed and had to ask them to wait on details of COVID-19. The doctor did later explain that it was ‘very likely’ that a lab leak had come from Wuh

Asked directly during congressional testimony earlier this month, Fauci confirmed communicating with the publishers.

U.S. Intelligence officials and scientists believe the Chinese government developed a deadly coronavirus that has sickened millions; however, other U.S. officials maintain they have a natural origin.

Last autumn, The Intercept revealed that the EcoHealth Alliance worked with the federal government to promote Ebola research at research institutions in China despite the fact that research about ebola in China was banned.

Dr. Fauci: It's 'reasonable' to assume those with coronavirus have a form of immunity

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on May 12 asked National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci whether recovering COVID-19 patients have immunity to the virus. “We have no evidence that survivors of coronavirus don’t have immunity and a great deal of evidence to suggest that they do,” argued Paul. Dr. Fauci said “you can make a reasonable assumption” that patients who recover from the coronavirus will have antibodies that indicate some degree of protection, but only long-term natural history studies will be able to confirm for sure that this is the case. Leading U.S. health officials on Tuesday appeared before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions to answer questions about safely reopening schools and workplaces. In addition to Dr. Fauci, Centers on Disease Control and Prevention Direct Robert Redfield, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn and Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Health Adm. Brett Giroir also spoke before the committee.

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